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There are two very good websites which detail many of the scams with respect to Nobility Title websites. In 2008 a Solicitor was prosecuted for selling Nobility Titles as 'Real' documents that were in actual fact Fake!


If you see a website offering 'Real' Nobility Titles For Sale, ask them if you can complete the purchase through your own solicitor and see what they say!

Any 'Real' title should be either registered with the International Commission on Nobility & Royalty or in the UK with Burke's Peerage and the Armonial Register. Manorials are held in a specific office.

In England you can only purchase 'Lord of the Manor' titles as and when they come up for sale. Again these would be registered with the Manorial office . The conveyancing is rather complex as it will cover all the transfers since incorporation. The original title deeds would be in Old English Latin. The prices are high as a consequence. But owning a Lord of the Manor title only allows you to place that title behind your name. i.e. Mr Joe Bloggs Lord of the Manor of ............ So you cant use one to put Lord in front of your name.

The DVLA and UK Passport Office are fully aware of fake nobility titles and if you were to send off a Nobility Title Certificate/Deed to the DVLA/Passport Office for change of name to - for example - Lord Joe will get your documents back with Mr Lord Joe Bloggs... So dont be fooled by any website which says that their certificates will enable you to do this.

Everything is checkable on the internet. I'll make you any certificates you like at a fraction of the price that these websites sell theirs for.....and of a far better quality!


Micro Nations such as Sealand, Duchy of Bohemia, Principality of Paulovia and many more...are not Internationaly Recognised. Therefore none of their Nobility Certificates are accepted. Many micro nations are figments of peoples imagination and set up to rip people off with their pathetic Nobility Titles

Nobility Titles

I supply top quality certificates including:


(These come with Land Registry Documents which have the Land Registry stamps on them) Very realistic.
No Nobility Title website offers anything like these.

The prices are the most competitive around. And what you see is what you get. This is one of the only websites which is not interested in ripping you off.

All the certificates advertised are of a high quality . Each comes with the embossed , raised seal of the Duchy Apostille Services. Each looks very authentic. None are registered , and they are sold as novelty value only.

Which is what all the other Nobility Websites should be advertising their certificates as.....Novelty.!

International Commission

Take a look at Burke's Peerage

Seek legal advice before considering any Foreign Titles. Most are not registered. And those that are , many are NOT transferrable. In any event they would be in that particular countries old language...not English.

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